Westie Wear: Be the Best Dressed Owner Your West Highland Terrier Has Ever Seen

Westie Wear: Be the Best Dressed Owner Your West Highland Terrier Has Ever Seen

If anybody knows how to stay warm but retain style no matter the weather, it’s the West Highland Terrier. It’s clear to see that he knows this and wishes the same for you, if only you had the same good taste in clothing! Ha ha, just kidding, but you must admit, they do present a feast for the eyes and they always look well turned out, albeit as long as there aren’t any puddles on the walk!  

In our collection of all things Westie, we’ve got some great ideas for you. You won’t have to look beyond our online store if you’re looking for something to suit the West Highland Terrier owner or devotee. We’ve collected a few of our items of Westie wear right here so that they are ready to gift or may even be a treat for you to don whatever the occasion.

These are all gifts that won’t sit on the shelf, whether it’s for yourself or because you’re on a mission to put a smile on the face of a friend. Whatever your reason, delve in and have a browse of our wide range of products.

Westie slippers: Toasty warm but easy on the eyes are these comfie west highland terrier appliqued slippers. They’re built to last and your dog will think he’s catching himself in the mirror every time you pass by his basket! 

Westie wellies: nobody wants to get wet feet, so why not wear these outdoor rubberised West Highland Terrier Wellington boots for walking through puddles and rainy days. Available from size 4 to size 8 for ladies, these red, black and white Westie wellies are built to look good and to protect against water.

Westie pyjamas: Long on looks with a visual explosion of Westies, these snug pyjamas are great looking nightwear for chilly evenings and nights. Brushed cotton with long sleeves, a piped collar and except for trims, they’re 100% cotton. Ready to gift, these West Highland Terrier pyjamas are presented with a satin ribbon. Available in blue or red.

Westie umbrella: we present to you two different types of West Highland Terrier umbrellas. We have the smaller foldable version and the larger 95cm across version. Whichever style you prefer, they are both big on looks and likely to turn heads. Designed for practicality but at the same time, a one of a kind gift, we think whoever uses it will love it. Check out our Westie umbrellas.

Westie jewellery: don’t ask us how we did it, but we have managed to source some seriously tasteful West Highland Terrier jewellery items, ideal for those deserving people in your life. It’s no secret that any jewellery is a gift that will always be remembered and our Westie jewellery is no different. Browse through our Westie jewellery. You’ll find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks, designed to delight connoisseurs of all things Westie!

If you know a West Highland terrier owner who loves their dog, think of the bond you’ll create when you give one of these special gifts. You know none of these will go back in the box and they’re perfect for every devotee of Westies.

Each of our Westie items are as handsome as they are functional. They are also usually dispatched same day so delivery is quick and we delight many customers around the world with our unique range. if you need any assistance with further details, or some guidance to choose the perfect item for your Westie aficionado, contact us. We’re here to help and we’re just a message away.