Pet ID Tags What Must I Do To comply With UK Law ?

Pet ID Tags What Must I Do To comply With UK Law ?

A number of our followers have asked us to clarify what the law says in the UK about ID Tags when ordering from our extensive range of Pet Identification Tags - This post clarifies what you as a responsible dog owner must do to keep your dog safe and compliant with the law

Two Important reasons to read this blog post about dog tags:

1) To discover the best way to have a lost pet returned to you. To allow yourself to be identified if your dog strays or gets lost. In the unfortunate situation where ta dog may stray you want the piece of mind that your contact details are clear and when your dog is found you can be easily identified and contacted.

2)  To Stay Legal. Avoid committing an offence that could result in a fine of up to £500 and/or your dog being seized and retained by the authorities and treated as a stray dog

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to taking your dog into a public place and it’s surprising how many dogs with owners that we see that are flouting the law don’t be one of them, be a responsible dog owner

What is the Law and what does it say?

The UK Control of Dogs Order 1992 is the UK legislation that dictates your responsibility as a dog owner. It’s a good idea to fully understand what you must do and take steps to ensure that your dog is safe and legal.

Here’s what you must do:

Collar and ID TAG In Public Places

Every dog while in a highway or in a public place must wear:

·         A collar

·         The name and address of the owner should be inscribed on the collar

·         Or the name and address of the owner inscribed on a plate, badge or tag attached to the collar

Additional advisable information for the Pet ID Tag

Whilst not a requirement of the legislation here is some additional information that you may also want to engrave on the pet ID tag

1)     Contact telephone number

2)     I’m chipped – alert them to your dog’s microchip

3)     Allergies – If your dog is allergic to certain foods it’s advisable to alert anyone who may find them

4)     Medical conditions – for example if your dog is deaf or has impaired sight it’s useful to tell people

Don’t forget that if you move or get a new phone, your pet’s Id tag should be updated as soon as possible


Are there exceptions to the Law?

There are some exceptions that apply to certain dogs who are exempt from having to wear a collar with ID Tag,

They are:

• Any dog registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

• Any dog while being used in emergency rescue work.

• Any dog while being used on official duties by a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, HM Customs and Excise or the police.

• Any dog while being used for driving or tending cattle or sheep.

• Any dog while being used for the capture or destruction of vermin.

• Any dog while being used for sporting purposes.

• Any pack of hounds.

however even with exemptions its is advisable for the dog to still wear a collar and pet ID tag unless the performance of the dogs duties may be impaired by doing so

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