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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
The Westie Comfort Harness collection is an attractive range of padded dog harnesses that is a great alternative to a collar. Specifically for dogs who pull on the lead, takes the pressure off the delicate neck and throat area and gives greater control over strong, boisterous, or excitable dogs. Can be used to ensure both you and your dog have a more comfortable and enjoyable walk. 
The Harnesses feature a base layer of breathable mesh, overlaid with a black mesh fabric. Subtle but effective reflective strip to alert others to your dog's whereabouts in low light
Sturdy nylon straps with adjustment buckles for a comfortable and secure fit. The quick-click fastener is for speedy removal and application, handy for dogs who are not familiar with harnesses
Discover a range of coloured dog harnesses including the ever popular tartan ranges 
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